We have Schlage FE575 Plymouth Keypad Locks with more secure and convenient features which eliminate the need of carrying key. No more hiding keys under the doormat, no more losing, forgetting, or making extras keys time and time again. You can get super secure and flexible lock solution with sophisticated look for your home with Schlage FE575 Plymouth Keypad Locks.


The lock consists of easy installation and user-friendly features which allows you to install a new keyless door lock or deadbolt by yourself with nothing more than a screwdriver in about 30 minutes. You can also easily add, change, or delete user codes in just seconds by yourself. The lock is best designed for residential use or can also be suitable for small office. The lock is also ideal for utility closets, storage rooms, basement stairways, cleaning supply closets etc.


This leverset is perfect for both exterior and interior use. From the interior the lever is always free to open the door but does not unlock the leverset. The flex lock interior thumbturn activates and deactivates the autolock feature allowing the lock to remain unlocked if needed and the functions same in the exterior use. The highlighting function of this leverset is that it automatically locks door in 5 seconds when door closes making no need to remember to relock the door. The electronic Schlage lock is equally safe in tough weather environments and is ideal for situations when you are from the property temporarily and do not want anyone gaining access.


The electronic Schlage combines convenience-focused design with our legacy for durability having battery operated with over three year battery life. The leverset gives you the option to enter your home with an access code on its illuminated touchscreen which makes your entry easier and home safer. The lock combines number of features like low battery indicator, easy programming, emergency exit and can be installed on both right and left hand doors. These features give you the suitable reasons to have Schlage FE575 Plymouth Keypad Locks in your home décor.


We are doing more than just eliminating the key and we are working to redefine meaning of security with Schlage FE575 Plymouth Keypad Locks. This lock lets you use codes for your primary means of entry making your entry easier and giving higher level of security to your property and provides additional layers of keyless security & safety inside your home or office. The lock combines superior security, well-crafted aesthetic design work, and compatibility with the majority of interior and exterior doors which makes the lock a great choice for a business with a small staff, or a home with a large family.  On top of that, its reasonably priced most anywhere you can pick it up, especially considering the value you receive for your money. Simply enter your code, and you’re in which means that it operates without the need for a key, and so all of the issues that go along with having to use a key can now be a thing of the past!

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