Our remote control electronic deadbolt offers easy and keyless entry to your residence by the help of remote keyfob. The electronic deadbolt is specially designed for residential use allowing you to control your lock from anywhere and making you hassle free from losing your keys.

The E910R is an electronic deadbolt lock with capability for up to six user codes and one disposable user code and each lock accommodates up to 4 different keyfobs. The E910R electronic deadbolt lock is an innovative product that offers you three different ways to lock or unlock your home while still giving you the highest level of security and secure transmission. The lock has versatile function-ability which features remote compatibility, auto- stop function, auto- lock function, an illuminated keypad, both audio and visual confirmations and adjustable size.

The installation process of the lock is very easy which just requires a screwdriver. You can replace your existing standard deadbolt lock without any additional holes or drilling with in just 30 minutes. Another most amusing feature about the lock is that it is available in 5 different colors and you can choose the best color that gives the most beautiful complement to your door and home’s décor. The five different finishes include antique brass, bright brass, bronze, satin chrome and satin nickel; each one providing the lavishing look and highest level of security. Don’t let your door décor look dull and boring while you have E910R electronic deadbolt lock which can give a playful and most happening look to your home décor.

The main reason behind the popularity of residential electronic deadbolt and entry locks is that people really like the ability to unlock locks without having to use a key. Another reason for having electronic deadbolt locks is its effortless installation and user- friendly operation. It comes with a lit keypad which makes easy viewing in the dark as well and can be installed on both right and left hand doors.  You can operate all the functions by yourself whether you need to enable, disable or change auto lock function or change code of the lock. Auto lock function is the most convenient and secure function which provides higher level so security and makes your home secure.

Having operated from smartphones too, this lock allows you to live your life in smart ways. Just a click on your smartphone can disable or enable lock functions of your door or even you can control your beep indicator through your phone application. The lock comes with the lifetime warranty for mechanical components and one year warranty for its electrical components which provides you the best reason to have E910R electronic deadbolt lock in your home. Whether your door is made from wood or metal, E910R electronic deadbolt lock provides best fit, look and performance. So, it is always wise to choose your door lock which gives best usability and function-ability, best look and higher security level when it comes to the matter of security of your house.

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